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KowTeff School of African Dance

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The KowTeff School of African Dance is a non-profit organization with the mission of preserving and perpetuating the diverse folklore of African peoples through quality education and entertainment. The organization artistically and creatively uses dance, music (song and drum), and the spoken word to keep alive the cultural values, principles, and customs of African tradition. One method of perpetuating the culture is through KowTeff's African Dance Children's Company, which trains youth (boys and girls) of all ages in traditional African dance, music and folklore. 

The KowTeff School of African Dance ultimately strives to empower people of African descent by providing inspiring opportunities for them to celebrate and gain knowledge of their rich African heritage. It is committed to developing a positive cultural identity and self-pride, and reclaiming traditional African values and customs that promote healthy development of body, mind, spirit, and community. KowTeff School of African Dance is committed to excellence and integrity in:

  • The training of dancers and musicians

  • The dissemination of knowledge related to African Diaspora history and cultural art forms

  • The development of community-based programs that utilize the cultural arts to uplift people of African descent.

KowTeff is committed to delivering high quality "edutainment" through a variety of mediums, including lecture demonstrations, plays, spoken word, video presentations, workshops, etc.

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